Beta 16

( 10hp - 150hp )

Beta 20

( 3.7 to 900 kVA )

Beta 25

( 10hp - 150hp )

Beta 30

( 10hp - 150hp )

Beta 35, 38

( 3.7 to 900 kVA )

Beta 43, 50, 60

( 10hp - 150hp )

Why Beta?


  • We have a superb heat exchanger cooled engine range especially engineered for the yachtsman and work boats at an affordable price, and with a 3 year ‘self service’ warranty.
  • With our Dealer network and dedicated seagoing team, we have probably installed a Beta engine in a yacht similar to yours. Ask for details!
  • Special Engine Feet option - designed and manufactured to suit your engine bearers.
  • Low carbon foot print - these clean engines meet all current and projected exhaust emission regulations - both RCD (Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC as amended by 2003/44/EC) and EPA (U.S Environmental Protection Agency) exhaust emission compliance.
  • Our Mid engine range is based upon the most technically advanced Kubota diesels that give you very smooth, quiet power, right through the speed range. The Beta 150 is very similar, based on an IVECO diesel.
  • Easy maintenance with mounted sump pump and optional polyvee belt & pulley drive transmission with our high output alternators.

Seagoing Specifications

Beta Marine’s Seagoing engines are:

  • Heat Exchanger cooled, naturally aspirated marine diesel engines based on Kubota.
  • Multi cylinder with high inertia flywheel for smooth running.
  • Three vortex combustion for quiet running, low emissions and excellent fuel consumption with indirect injection up to and including 75 hp.
  • Quiet gear driven camshaft for engine reliability and easy servicing – no timing chains or tooth belts to replace.
  • Water cooled exhaust manifold.
  • Battery charging alternator - 65 amps, giving full power at cruising speed with 12 volt electric starting as standard.
  • Heater plugs for cold start below 5°C.
  • Direct injection – Beta 90 and Beta 150.
  • Standard “ABV” Control Panel.
  • Heavy duty feet and flexible mountings.
  • PRM Marine, or Technodrive, ZF gearbox with 2:1 reduction ratio as standard; Output rotation is clockwise in ahead, viewed from gearbox end.
  • Fuel filter and mechanical fuel lift pump.
  • Lubricating oil filter and sump drain pump.
  • ‘Morse’ type engine speed and gearbox control cable support and end fittings.
  • Installation angles up to 15° maximum when static and 25° when heeling (Kubota).
  • Control Panel ABVW, B, Deluxe ‘C’ options with gauges and alarms
  • Down angle and Vee Drive gearbox options.
  • Calorifier connections for hot water systems.
  • Hydraulic Propulsion engine package and/or bow thrusters.

Hydraulic Propulsion Unit

We offer a standard range of high quality Hydraulic Populsion engines. We would be pleased to discuss your Hydraulic installation with you and offer technical assistance and a detailed quotation.


with suction boost valve


Hydraulic pump


oil cooler


and mounted propeller


control valve

Engine Models