Boat Models

Centurion AV 14 & 18

The Centurion AV 14/ AV18 is a fully welded boat offering several unique advantages like stability, durability, high impact resistance and abrasion resistance. This boat also has an excellent high speed riding feature with a high load capacity. Due to the welded construction of these boats, it makes the hull extremely strong, making it suitable for users like professional divers, diving schools and even fishermen. The boat also helps fire brigades get into hard to maneuver areas along rivers and lakes to fight fires.

As our Centurion AV14/ AV18 offers a wide array of add on accessories which are readily available for our end users, this makes it very popular among the above mentioned segments of the market.

Principal Dimensions AV14 AV18
Hull Length 4.25m 5.5m
Beam 1.6m 1.8m
Bow Height 0.7m 0.73m
Thickness of sheet 2 2
Capacity 4 6
Hull Weight 121kg 155kg
Max Weight 401kg 575kg
Horse Power 25 40
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