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Scavenger 15 Aquamaster

The sleek and upmarket design and look of the Scavenger 15 makes it an unobstrusive workboat silently working at any worldclass marina or waterside residential areas. It is in operation worldwide in canals, and upscale marinas for the easy cleaning and collection of floating rubbish, seaweeds, plastic bottles etc. Motorised Rotating Stainless Steel Bascule Filter Cage makes clearing floatsam effortless. The rotating basket can pickup 20kg per load and the boat has a total load capacity of 250kg of floatsam.

The Scavenger 15 is also easy to maneuver, has low fuel consumption and the strong aluminium hull needs little maintenance. The non marking, ultra light PU foam fender also protects the craft against damages and prevents scuffings to boats at the marina.

Principal Dimensions
Hull Length 4.5m (15ft)
Beam 2.20m (7ft 2in)
Weight Approx 1000kg with engine
Powered by Single 20hp Outboard motor, Petrol
Crew Capacity 1
Top Speed Approx 10 knots
Bin Capacity 200kg
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