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Scavenger HYD30 Weed Harvester

The Scavenger HYD30 Weed Harvester is our latest and very effective weed harvesting boat that is capable of cutting weeds up to 2 metres below water surface. The high speed cutting blades and conveyor system can easily cut and remove unwanted water weeds up to 3 tons within 30 minutes. The twin propulsion system makes the boat highly maneuverable even in extremely tight places, allowing it to even turn 360 degrees on the spot.

The Scavenger HYD30 also doubles as a floating rubbish (floatsam) removal boat with the stainless steel conveyor system and large cockpit area. This is an extremely tough and reliable workboat essential in the maintenance of waterways, and reservoirs. It is suitable for use in Salt or Freshwater.

Principal Dimensions
Hull Length 9.2m
Beam 3.0m
Weight Approx 3000kg
Powered by Single ISUZU 136hp Inboard Marine Diesel Engine
Crew Capacity 2 crew
Top Speed 8 knots
Bin Capacity 3000kg
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