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Scavenger 30 Aquatic Master Conveyor

The Scavenger 30 AquaticMaster is a specially designed floatsam collection boat with conveyor collection system. The boat is built as a standalone unit that can move to a selected location to collect rubbish/floatsams and collects it onboard for dumping at a designated collection point. The AquaticMaster also has a weed cutter attached to the end of the conveyor head to cut weeds upto a depth of 2 metres.

The large open deck has a carry capacity of up to 4000kg of floatsams/rubbish per trip making it a highly efficient and economical boat for environmental cleaning.

Principal Dimensions
Hull Length 9.0m (30ft)
Beam 3.0m (10ft)
Weight Approx 3500kg with engine
Power Single Isuzu 180hp Inboard Marine diesel engine
Crew Capacity 2
Top Speed Approx 10 knots
Bin Capacity 3000kg
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