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Scavenger HYD22 Weed Harvester

The Scavenger HYD22 Weed Harvester is the latest dual purpose Scavenger boats designed by Five AB. This boat can be used for collecting floating rubbish via the conveyor belts directly into the boat. The boat can also be used to cut underwater weeds up to 1.2m depth and the weeds will be collected immediately via the conveyor and into the boat for disposal.

The unique twin propeller propulsion system will give you extremely good maneuverability in tight situation and can even rotate the vessel on the spot.

Principal Dimensions
Hull Length 6.6m
Beam 2.125m
Weight 2000kg
Powered by Single BETA 50hp Inboard diesels with twin propulsion
Crew Capacity 2 crew
Top Speed 8 knots
Bin Capacity 2000kg
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